This project started because I had leftover yarn to use, and I wanted to try this new stitch. When I completed the basic border I decided it didn’t do it justice. I looked for something to give it some character. Then I learned how to crochet the pom poms, and it came alive.

I ADORE THE POM POMS!!  Don’t you?! They were so fun, almost addictive to crochet. One night I sat up working on it saying just one more...about 50 times!!  Adding that border added several hours of work but so much joy.  I hope you will enjoy it as well. 

This multi-colored, pastel, diamond stitch baby blanket with a white pom pom border will wrap baby in softness and comfort. Made with acrylic yarn. Can be washed in cold water on gentle cycle and air dried flat. Size: approximately 40” x 34”.

Diamond Stitch Pom Pom Border Baby Blanket

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