Before you place this order, please read the entire description below thoroughly. You will need to make some choices and this will explain how to do that.

This item is a down payment for a crocheted Custom Temperature Crochet Blanket. This blanket will be a twin blanket size (approximately 60 x 90 inches). The remaining balance due ($150) will be invoiced once the blanket is complete and you receive a photo along with an invoice. Shipping will be completed upon final payment.

What is a Temperature Blanket?
One row represents one day in a color that coordinates with the temperature. I use anywhere from 10-12 colors to represent the temperatures in the climate. Depending on the climate you choose to represent, each color will probably correspond to between five and twelve degrees.

Color Schemes
I have some different templates for color schemes I have created. I have attached a document here where you can view them.

Year and Climate/Location
In addition to choosing the color scheme, you also choose the year you want represented. You can choose the current year, or any other year that is special to you. Perhaps you want to choose the year your child was born, or the year that you were married.  You can choose the location that you live currently, or another location that is special to you.

Questions? Please email me BEFORE purchase with any questions you might have. 


This item is currently only available to Continental United States customers.


Custom Temperature Blanket (Pre-order/Down payment)

Color (see chart in description)
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