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World Card Making Day: Saturday, October 3, 2020

Hello! It is what Winnie the Pooh would call a "blustery day" here in St. Paul in October. I just got back from taking Baxter to the local pet store where, I'm not sure who is more excited, him or the staff. He gets so terribly excited that his butt wags so hard they tell him it is going to fall off.

Tomorrow is World Card Making Day! So, I hope you will celebrate with me as I make lots of cards. The sale is still going on 30% off (most) cards. I made this Watercolor Halloween Cat Card this morning (now on sale for $3.50 in the shop). The video on how I did it will be featured tomorrow morning, so watch for that on Facebook and Instagram. I may also be featuring some new Christmas cards, depending on how my energy holds out. (#Chronicillnessstupidness) That's the goal and the hope anyway.

❤️ Sarah

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