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Are you looking for some fun gifts, or maybe some unique cards to send out? Do you live in or around Saint Paul, and you want to find a great online store where you can get some classy and fun handmade cards, handmade craft and other handmade gift items? Wouldn’t you like to be able to get some great items for a great price that actually look different ? Well, you are in luck then, because we know of a great local site that serves the Saint Paul area, and sells all sorts of handmade gift items. We are of course talking about Finn & Mama Designs, everyone’s new favorite handmade gift site. You should come and check our site out today, you will be delighted with the fantastic selection and the high levels of customer service you will get while you are ordering from us.


At Finn & Mama Designs, we know that our customers appreciate it when we appreciate them. How do we appreciate our customers? Well one of the little ways we like to say thank you, is by consistently offering affordable and competitive prices for our fabulous handmade cards and gift items that we sell here at Finn & Mama Designs. Having great prices is just another aspect of having award worthy customer service. That makes sense right? Customer service is all about giving the customer a great experience, and what better way to give them a great experience than to give them a great deal on some fabulous handmade craft items they are buying?